K-Releases: December 2017 Singles!

Well, well, with this month’s post I’ve come to the end of my K-Releases. I might pick it back up, but definitely not any time soon. It sure took me a year to wrap this up.

1. Woodie Gochild

레츠기릿 (Let’s Get It)


2. U-IN

숲속의 여우


3. Ji Woo (지우)



4. Dumbfoundead

Kill Me


5. Yoonhan (윤한)

It Was You


6. Yangpa (양파)

끌림 (Trembling)


7. Mighty Mouth (마이티 마우스)



8. Shinhwa’s Kim Dong Wan (김동완)

지구가 예쁜 이유 (Trace of Emotion: Blue) (Special comment video)


9. Younha (윤하)

종이비행기 (Hello) Feat. pH-1


10. Merry Apple (메리애플)

For Peach


11. Jimmi (지미)



12. Jay Park (박재범)

Birthday Gamble


13. Woodyrose (우디로즈)

River Walk


14. Taesabiae (태사비애)



15. B.A.P

Ego (Single Album)


16. Loona (이달의 소녀)

The Carol 2.0


17. Hanye (한예)

It’s Alright


18. 2Bic (투빅)

You Are My Christmas


19. SuperGuitar (무적기타)
반만 따라 부를 수 있는 캐롤 (No YT link)


20. Rabbit Hole (토끼굴)



21. Oneway

각설탕 (Cube Sugar)


22. 100KGOLD (허니케이골드)

Lighter (No YT link)


23. Jaram Project’s Aram (이아람 (자람프로젝트)

조제 (Josee)


24. Dok2

Only On


25. Blancshe (블랑쉬)

Velours (No YT link)


26. Solati (쏠라티)

Moving On


27. Microdot



28. Long:D (롱디)

All Night


29. DJ Doc

사랑을 담아서 (Happy Ending) Feat. U Sung Eun (유성은)


30. 1sagain (원써겐)

정규 4집 ‘ME’


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