K-Releases: December 2017 Album!

Well, well, with this month’s post I’ve come to the end of my K-Releases. I might pick it back up, but definitely not any time soon. It took me a year to wrap this up.

1. SHINee’s Taemin



2. Han Dong Geun (한동근)

Mini Album – 이별할 사람들 (Broken People)


3. Rico (리코)

White Light Panorama (No YT link)


4. 406 Project (406호 프로젝트)

Mini Album – Ripen (Track #?)


5. TWICE (트와이스)

Merry & Happy


6. Various Artists

Mini Album – 무소속프로젝트 2017 컴필레이션 (Independent Project 2017 Compilation) (Teaser)


7. Car, The Garden (카더가든)



8. 40

Mini Album – Blue Dawn 


9. Taeyeon (태연)

Mini Album – This Christmas – Winter is Coming


10. Uhm Jung Hwa (엄정화)

Mini Album – 두 번째 꿈 (The Cloud Dream of the Nine )


11. Soyou (소유)



12. Vibe (바이브)

Mini Album – Balladream III


13. Jinju (진주)

Mini Album – Sunflower (I Am Still)


14. Lee Juck (이적)

흔적 Part. 1


15. Rain (비)

Mini Album – MY LIFE愛 (Sunshine)


16. Standing Egg (스탠딩 에그)

Dramatic (teaser)


17. DAY6



18. Ragoon

Mini Album – s’ Talking (No YT link)


19. MoonMoon (문문)

긴 시


20. D-LITE

EP – でぃらいと 2 (Delight 2)


21. 2LSON

Mona Lisa


22. EXO’s Lay

Winter Special Gift


23. JJK

Mini Album – 그럼에도


24. Double K (더블케이)

Mini Album – Analogue Part.1 (Surf)


25. Giriboy (기리보이)



26. Bumzu

Mini Album – 많지도 + 적지도 : 스물일곱 (Highlight Medley)


27. EXO

Mini Album – Universe


28. Soo (수)

달콤한 거짓말 (Sweet Lie)


29. Younha (윤하)



30. APink

Pink Stories (Japanese album)


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