Time to wrap 2018

Adios 2018!!!

When I was going into 2018, I actually didn’t have much expectation. I just wanted my life to be peaceful as it was and to go about keep doing whatever it is I needed to do. However, there were other plans in store for me; I was in the middle of the drama behind the lakorn subbing scenes lol, traveled twice to Australia – Melbourne, and Sydney, I was back home in Austria during summer, was also in Macau twice – in June and last week hehehe, two extremely helpful colleagues left (it did dampen my mood), went on first ever carb/keto diet (it lasted for 2 & a half months) and the result was pretty obvious, got into XBOX (Injustice), finally finished K-releases 2017, made new and maintained old relationships both off and online, moved closer to my language goal, and most importantly sorted out my spiritual identity. All of these made 2018 adventurous – I had to rearrange my priorities, sometimes I felt lost and frustrated but I everything worked out perfectly. 

As for my challenges, l want to pretend it never happened, but I can’t lol!

  • Books/Comics – 31/60
  • Movies – 73/50
  • Animes – 10/10
  • Dramas – 51/
        K-drama – 9/15
        J-drama – 10/15
       CH-drama – 10/10
       TW-drama – 6/5
       Lakorn – 11/25
       Others – 5/5

I narrowly went pass 50% of my Goodreads challenge, and 69% for drama challenge lol!! For next year, I’m definitely cutting down on all the challenges. I can already foresee how crazy and packed my schedule for 2019 will be, so yeah. However, it was fun trying to race against time, while fully knowing that it was futile. I haven’t figured out what to do for 2019 yet, once I do, I will share it!

Time for my top 5s!!


  • Like the Flowing River by Paulo Coelho
  • When A Snail Falls in Love by Ding Mo
  • The Probability I Can Kill My Wife Without Being Found Out and A Game to Make Him Fall by Hiroro
  • A Teen’s Guide to the 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman
  • About Death by Sini

Movies – This will be a hard one…

  • The Last Samurai (2003 – Hollywood) 
  • The Greatest Civil War on Earth (1961 – Hong Kong)
  • Love Undercover (2002 – Hong Kong)
  • Public Enemies (2009 – Hollywood)
  • Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle (2017 – Hollywood)


  • Mushishi
  • The King’s Avatar
  • Full-Time Magister
  • HunterxHunter (currently watching)
  • Sirius the Jaeger (currently watching)


  • Stranger (2017 – Korean)
  • Ode to Joy series (2016-2017 Chinese)
  • Khun Mae Suam Roy (2018 – Thai)
  • Doctor-X 5 (2017 – Japanese)
  • Someone Like You (2015 – Taiwanese)


  • What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim (2018 – Korean)
  • Attention Love, 520 (2017 – Taiwanese)
  • Sound of Your Heart (2016 – Korean)
  • Jao Sao Jom Yorm (2018 – Thai)

Honorable Mentions – shows, I started but I haven’t finished but will definitely recommend;

  • Legend of Fuyao (2018 – Chinese)
  • Trabab See Chompoo (2018 – Thai)
  • Lawless Lawyer (2018 – Korean)
  • My Mr. Mermaid (2017 – Chinese)
  • The Rise of the Phoenixes (2018 – Chinese)
  • Age of Legends (2018 – Chinese)
  • The Mystic Nine (2018 – Chinese)

Okay, enough with that, before I list every drama I have placed on hold lol!

It’s really been a fantastic year thus far and I’m super expectant of 2019. The expectation and anticipation I have for 2019 are pretty scary lol! I have no idea why I’m so full of expectation. Anyway, I’m looking forward to all the exciting, thrilling and adventurous happenings that will happen. 

To my friends and families, I’m so glad and honoured to have gone through this year with you. In regards to 2019, I wish you all the best in whatever you’ve set your heart to accomplish. I also wish you growth in every facet of your life!! ❤ ❤ 



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