Happy Sunday #305

Image For The Week

This is so BEAUTIFUL!!!

Saying For The Week


—> Variety shows

It’s just been 6 days and I’m already feeling the heat lol! So, do I have any New Year resolutions?! I will probably won’t call it a New Year resolution. No matter what I am doing or the situation, all I want is to be more encouraging to everyone around me and also more self-disciplined.

I haven’t figured out what to do about my yearly challenges (Goodreads and others). I think I will be needing a couple of more days to figure that out. Plus, I really want to clear this year’s challenges. I want to leave no stone unturned in this aspect. 

Ph.D. life, Ph.D. life….. *sighs* comments reserved lol! All I want this year is to have a proper direction and be done with lab work in December. How that is going to happen, moi have no idea hehehe! Imma just stay focus and diligently get my work done.

Song For The Week

Bloody Romance’s OST, A Lifetime Waiting For You by TIA, ENJOY!!!

Eye Candy For The Week

If there is any Korean actress I would love to meet in real life, it’s got to be her….

SONG JI HYO!!! Yup, I wrote her name in block letters. She’s so amazing, talented, beautiful and down-to-earth.

Have an awesome week!!

P.S –

Happy New Year once again!!!! Cr: May Lee Illustrations


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