Happy Sunday #309

Image For The Week

Prague, Czech Republic

Saying For The Week


—> Variety show and checklist

I’ve been watching My Little Old Boy, a Korean variety show. The two sons who totally blow my mind have got to be Kim Gun Mo and Lee Sang Min. The former is awesomely creative, he never runs out of ideas, while the latter is the Jack of all trades and interestingly frugal lol!! Another thing that caught my attention is how they are both such awesome cook, they need to open a restaurant. A lot of people including myself will gladly go there! Lol!! The mums are really hilarious!! Park Soo Hong’s mum has got to be the cutest! Having Sam Okyere’s mum on the show, both in Ghana and on set was really awesome! I’m currently on ep 76 when Kim Jong Kook gets introduced. Oh man, he’s got way too many memories hehehe! His dad is one-of-a-kind lol!

I found a favourite Taiwanese restaurant – Zan Hao TW. I like the dishes, service, interior and the ambience in general 😀 I’m thinking of exploring more Taiwanese restaurants here. I’m already excited just thinking about it hehehe

Now that my confirmation is out of the way, I’m back to doing experiments and trying to prepare materials to write my first paper. I have no idea how that will go, but I’m on it. I’m also back to subbing in German and segmenting lakorns. I haven’t done any translating project in ages lol! Fitting all of that into my current schedule is really pushing it. I haven’t still thought about my yearly Goodreads, anime, dramas and movie challenges.

I want to wish my awesome friends – Jenna & Sikoti an AMAZING and WONDERFUL married life!! Love you loads!!

Song For The Week

This song has been on replay on my Joox playlist – My Boo by Nick Chou, ENJOY!!!

Eye Candy For The Week


Have an awesome week!!

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