Happy Sunday #315

Image For The Week

Cr: Pascal Campion

Saying For The Week

It’s nice to always think of eggs and such during Easter, but at the same time, it will really be nice if we all remembered the real reason behind Easter. It’s not about getting some days off (I’m not complaining lol), gathering with friends and family (this is also important), or a time to just simply chill (I need times like that too), but it’s about the sacrifice of Jesus. He offered his life as an atonement so that we can reconcile with God, hence giving us a new life and new hope. 


—-> Checklist and variety shows

I recently started two K-dramas – Suspicious Partner, and Her Private Life. Suspicious Partner stars Ji Chang Wook and Nam Ji Hyun. The last show I saw JCW in was Healer. SP is pretty interesting. I love JCW’s sudden outbursts, they are so cute and hilarious hehehe! I finally gave in to watching Her Private Life. It’s nice to see Park Min Young in another office-romantic-comedy after What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim with Park Seo Joon. Most importantly, I get to see Kim Jae Wook as a male lead on the small screen!!! I have seen the first 4 episodes, and I’m loving it, maybe a bit too much lol! I like the opening, I think it’s pretty creative. The editors have got to be applauded. I love how the chatrooms and forums are depicted. On the story, it’s an interesting one. As the title rightly says, “Her Private Life”, it’s mostly about curator Seong’s life. She’s a classy and elegant curator during the day and by night or anytime she isn’t working, she transforms into a fangirl-paparazzi, decked in all black, wearing a black face mask, and black cap, And of course not a single person knows about this lifestyle of hers except for her two close friends. KJW’s portrayal as Ryan (Lion) is so on point. I wonder what he’s going to when he realises just how much he misunderstood lol. I’m looking forward to this week’s episode. 

I watched a Chinese drama – Flipped. I have no idea what the writer was thinking when he/she decided to end the show on such a note. It’s a supernatural-romance-themed show. The plot revolves around a CEO with an “illness” {superpower) and his female employee, who also has got a superpower. Two of them fall in love, but of course, it won’t be a drama if everything goes smoothly for them. Anyway, as the drama was drawing to a close, I was divided between a 6.5 or 7, but after that type of ending, I made the decision to rate it 6.5. The story has got potentials, but that was some poor execution.

I officially love the Easter holidays. It came at the time, I needed a break. 

Song For The Week

Suspicious Partner OST; How to Say by O When, ENJOY!!

Eye Candy For The Week

Take a guess….

Her Private Life!! /squealsssss/
Cr: Kimp05 

Have an awesome week and HAPPY EASTER!!!

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