Happy Sunday #319

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Pretty hard, but the truth…


—-> Variety shows & checklist

Oh my goodness!!! It’s been 4 weeks since my last post!! That’s just wow, as in really woow!! My days have been revolving around my offline life. It feels so good to be back to a new post. I’m pretty excited and kinda nervous for the rest of the year. I feel there will be a lot of changes in several aspects of my life.  For starters, I will probably get pushed a lot by my supervisor to speed up my experiments, which might result in more time constraints. Uni will also be back in full swing by September, which will signify more workload as I’m a tutor, then lastly and the most important is the branching out of the church. Oh, I haven’t touched on my online life yet lol! Managing 2 blogs, and 2 Facebook pages with other friends. Actually, the pages have been up for a while now, but I haven’t been an active admin, I’ve been more of a ghost admin lol! Then, of course, there are drama projects to work on. Some interesting life I will be living. Let’s see if I will be able to do a better job at juggling them in this later part of the year.

I’m faithfully following Running Man as usual, as for the other variety shows, I’m working through them at a snail’s pace. Currently, I’m watching a couple of shows simultaneously. Well, it’s more like hopping from one show to another depending on my mood or what I’m doing while watching. I’m up to ep 6 with Before We Get Married (我們不能是朋友) (Taiwanese drama), ep 7 is up and subbed but considering how tortuous it will be to wait for 6 days for the next episode, I’m going to watch ep 7 later in the week. Lion Pride (獅子王強大) (another Taiwanese drama), it’s pretty interesting. We’ve got mystery, friendship (I so love the prosecutor dude lol) and of course romance. Next is Go Go Squid (亲爱的, 热爱的) (Chinese drama), I’m pretty excited about this. It stars Li Xian as Gun!! I read Go Go Squid around 2-3 years ago. So watching the drama adaptation is pretty refreshing, but I don’t like the fact that gaming got changed to cybersecurity competition. However, most importantly, Mo Bao Fei Bao is the main scriptwriter, so hopefully, I won’t have to worry about the story taking a weird turn. Lost Tomb 2 (盗墓笔记2) (Chinese drama), the sequel to Lost Tomb, but having watched the first 3 eps of LT2, I don’t think it’s necessary to watch the first installment. The Longest Day in Chang’an (长安十二时辰), another Chinese drama. This one hooked me right from when I watched the trailer. 

Imma try to post more often and I wish everyone an amazing 6 months!!

Song For The Week

I Miss You More by Bii, Before We Get Married OST, ENJOY!!!

Eye Candy For The Week

Presenting you with scene candies…. No idea what that’s even supposed to mean lol

Gun and Tong Nian from Go Go Squid!!! I have wanted to smoothen that frown/scowl on his face right from the first scene. 

P.S —

Have an awesome week!!!


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