Happy Sunday #320

Image For The Week

……wishful thinking… lol

Saying For The Week


—-> Checklist and variety show

Despite being on break for the past 2 weeks, I wasn’t able to update the blog lol!! And I resume back tomorrow hehehehe… my life is sure interesting. I didn’t travel this time around instead, I remained in the city, chilling with friends and tried spending more time doing non-studies related stuffs. The fact that I didn’t have to go to the lab or obliged to return anyone work-/studies-related email was already refreshing and counted as a holiday for me lol! I could also sleep late without any worry and go about my business slowly the following day. So, yeah it was kinda relaxing even if it wasn’t the type of vacation I imagined. 

I marathoned the first 3 seasons of the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. I quite enjoyed it, until I got to the 4th season and yup, I didn’t hesitate to drop it. I like the show no doubt, but no way I could continue after the replacement of Aunty Viv. So yeah… E-sports seems to be pretty popular at the moment, well says the line-up of modern shows in the last couple of months – Gank Your Heart, Go Go Squid, and The King’s Avatar. GGS and TKA were adapted from novels – I read GGS 2-3 years ago, while for TKA I’ve only read a couple of chapters. I have no idea if GYH was also adapted from a novel. Although a couple of changes was incorporated into the production of GGS, it’s still close to the book. As someone who has read the book and watched the drama adaptation, I would suggest reading the book first, then watching the drama afterward. The complaints I had with GGS was the lack of depth into Tong Nian’s character, the in-your-face-nationalism, the change from gaming to cybersecurity, and the over-use of flashbacks. Thanks to GGS, I think I’m allergic to flashbacks at the moment lol!! I’m currently watching GYH. I’m enjoying it so far, plus, Wang Yi Bo seems to be all the rage considering his popularity as the main lead of The Untamed. I’m saving TKA, I’ve got high expectations for it.  

Asides, from all the gaming shows, I’ve taken to cooking shows again lol! I’ve been watching Iron Chef Thailand, The Next Iron Chef, and Chef’s Line. The most interesting has got to be TNIC, the elimination round is not a place a chef wants to be lol!! The bidding is pretty cruel lol! Chef’s Line is on Netflix, I like the concept; rounds of competition between home cooks and professional chefs. 

Aiyo…. I will be resuming back tomorrow, but I don’t want to 😰😰 The semester will start in a couple of weeks… I’ve got an interesting line-up lol!

BTW, does anybody play Toram?

Song For The Week

The Most Burning Adventure by Wang YiBo, Gank Your Heart’s OST, ENJOY!!!

Eye Candy of The Week

This week is graced by our favourite K&K boys!!!!!

I miss my K&K boys!!! They are the cutest!!

Have an awesome week and wishing y’all a refreshing August!!!

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