K-Releases: December 2016 Singles!!

Part 2 –> 31. Owen Ovadoz (오왼 오바도즈) Glendale   32. Lim Do Hyeok (임도혁) Hate Christmas   33. Joy o’ clock (조이어클락) Joy Christmas   34. Bily Acoustie (빌리어코스티) Story That I Wanted to Share Laughing   35. 2BiC (투빅) 니가 그리워 (Missing You) Feat. Kassy   36. Acourve (어쿠루브) 잠깐만요   37. eSNa… Read More K-Releases: December 2016 Singles!!

2016 in Review – Top Picks

Gosh a lot of things happened this year; personally (internship experience, sudden PhD program offer……), in the entertainment industry (death of iconic celebs – Por Tridsadee Sahawong, George Michael, David Bowie, Alan Rickman; Celine Dion’s husband Rene Angelil, Carrie Fischer, and many others) and on the foreign scene (Brexit, Austrian election, Trump vs. Hilary US election,… Read More 2016 in Review – Top Picks