K-Releases: December 2015 Singles!!!!

And it continues with the fourth part….. 91. Kim Jin Pyo (김진표) 산타처럼 Feat. 남주   92. BBAhn (비비안) 겨울이 좋아질 것 같아   93. Cheetah (치타) Star Wars   94. Noisy Boyz (노이지보이즈) 아가씨 (Oh Girl)   95. N.Topic (엔타픽) 첫눈   96. Kim Bo Kyung (김보경) Addicted   97. Bang Sejin (방세진) 시간 참… Read More K-Releases: December 2015 Singles!!!!

Recap: September K-Releases – Comebacks, Debuts & Collabos

I am two weeks late again *headdesk* I realised something while compiling August K-releases, apart from the comebacks and debuts there seems to be singles being released every week and not just one but multiple. Adding those singles to this particular list will result to the eternal loading of this post. With that in mind,… Read More Recap: September K-Releases – Comebacks, Debuts & Collabos