K-Releases: January 2016 Debuts/Projects/Collabo

DEBUT 1. CocoSori (코코소리) CocoSori a duo under Mole Entertainment debuts with Dark Circle (다크서클). The duo consists of members; Coco & Sori, hence the name of the group.    2. Imfact (임팩트) Imfact a 5 member boy group signed under Star Empire makes its debut with Lollipop. The members consist of Park Je Up, Kim… Read More K-Releases: January 2016 Debuts/Projects/Collabo

K-Releases: January 2016 Albums!

January albums coming through….. 1. Lovelybut (러블리벗) Mini Album – Lovelybut   2. Dalshabet (달샤벳) Mini Album – Naturalness   3. Han Kyung Il (한경일) 사랑합니다 그대 (No YT link available)   4. Learning Project (러닝 프로젝트) 길을 떠나다 (Debut album) – Track? – Singapore Sling   5. Shinhwa’s Shin Hye Sung Mini Album –… Read More K-Releases: January 2016 Albums!

K-Releases: January 2016 Singles!!!

Part 3….. 61. Bubble-X (버블엑스) 히릿 (Hit It)   62. Bigtone (빅톤) 네 여자 (Your Girl)   63. Accoustic Vei (어쿠스틱 베이) 바람이 손에 잡힐 때   64. Navi (나비) 눈물바다 (Sea of Tears)   65. Yu Seung Woo (유승우) 선 (45.7cm) (With Oohyo – Duet)   66. Espresso (에스프레소) 내가 미쳤나봐 Feat. 박살   67.… Read More K-Releases: January 2016 Singles!!!

K-Releases: January 2016 Singles!!

On to the second part…… 31. Shim Shin (심신) 2016 Soul Shin (No YT link available)   32. Lydia (리디아) 우리 더는   33. Kiggen (키겐) 버려진 기분 (I’m Serious) Feat. VIXX’s Ravi, Eluphant, Esbee   34. Hyun Jin Young (현진영) 무념무상 (Street Jazz In My Soul Vol.2)   35. Dk Soul (동네형들) 감성문방구프로젝트 다섯… Read More K-Releases: January 2016 Singles!!