K-Releases: March Singles!!

Part 2—-> 29. i11evn (일레븐) Siwi   30. Aoora (아우라) 너, 내일, 로맨틱 (You.Will.Romantic)   31. Supernova (超新星/Choshinsei) きっと (Kitto – Japanese)   32. Beenzino (빈지노) 어쩌라고 (So What)   33. Yoo Se Yoon (유세윤 ) 월세 유세윤 세 번째 이야기(Monthly Yoo Se Yoon Third Story)   34. Virgo (버고) 2 feat. Han Hee Jung, and Sorri  … Read More K-Releases: March Singles!!

Recap: December K-Releases Debut & Project

There were probably more debuts than the ones listed below, but for some reasons I either don’t notice them or I unknowingly put them under ‘Singles’. Highlighted artists are my recommendations…… Debut 1. A-Daily 말을 해야 알지   2. Im Hyung Woo 감기 조심해   3. SONAMOO 1st mini album – Deja Vu. The latest girl group… Read More Recap: December K-Releases Debut & Project