Variety shows

List of variety shows I watch or watched at some point time


* # *

1N2D (One night, 2 days; ended)

2PM Show (ended)

2Young Couple [ended]

 * A *

Alex & Shin Ae Couple (WGM, ended)

Ant Couple – Crown J & Seo In Young (WGM, ended)

* B *

Brave Couple (WGM, ended)

* C *

Caramel Couple – Jae Jung & UEE (WGM, ended)

* D *

* E *

* F *

* G *

* H *

Haha Mong Show [ended]

Happy Together (still on – Season 3)

Hello Baby (ended)

Hello Counselor [still on]

Human Condition [Still on]

HwangBo and Kim Hyun Joong couple (WGM, ended)

* I *

* J *

JoonSeo Couple (WGM; ended)

Jung In and Jung Chi Couple [WGM, ended]

JoonMi Couple [WGM – ended]

* K *

K-wave Station (ended)

KangYoon Couple (WGM; ended)

Killer Couple-Son Dam Bi & Marco (WGM, ended)

* L *

Let’s Go Dream Team [ongoing]

* M *

Mamma Mia [cancelled]

MasterChef Korean Celebrity (ended)

Mister and Miss Idol Korea

* N *

* O *

Oh My School (ended)

Oh My Baby  (Ongoing)

* P *

Pit-a-Pat Shake

Poopie Couple (Hwanhee & Hwayobi; ended)

* Q *

* R *

Romantic and Idol Season 1 – Park HyungShik, Nam Ji Hyun, Mir, JB, MinJun (Jun K), Oh SeungAh (ended) 

Romantic and Idol Season 2 – Yewon, G.Na, JongHyun, MinHyuk, Jiwon, Eunyoung, Kevin (ZE:A), N (VIXX) (ended)

Roommate (Season 1 & 2; ended)

Running Man (Ongoing)

* S *

Secret (ended)

SoHan Couple [WGM, ended]

Star Golden Bell (ended)

Star King (still on)

Strong Heart (ended)

SunHee Couple (WGM; ended)

* T *

TeukSo Couple (WGM, ended)

Taemin and Naeun Couple (ended)

* U *

* V *

* W *

Weekly Entertainment (still on)

We Got Married (WGM; still on – Season 4)

WooJung Couple (WGM ended) 

* X *

X-Man (ended)

* Y *

* Z *


~If you’re interested in watching any of them, click on Linkies, there you will see sites for variety shows :))

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