Recap: December K-Releases Singles!!!

56. Rico

Till The Sun Comes Up


57. Kim Tae Woo

No Matter What (둘이면)


58. Hwayobi

Face To Face


59. Boni

I Love You


60. Aoora



61. Rex.D

달라 feat. 고창인 Of 슈가볼


62. The VIBE Family

Made In The VIBE – Lonely Christmas


63. The Lime (더 라임)



64. Rude Paper

Night Time Melody


65. J.FLa



66. J Slow

Slow Motion


67. D.Heaven

Happy New Year



Sweetie (Japanese)


69. Okasian

Get That Money


70. Midnight Lamp

지금도 그때와 같아


71. Kim Greem

My Angel


72. Anglee

Take On Me


73. 5zic

Chilling On My Bed


74. Sugarbowl

Everything But Me


75. Roy Kim

It’s Christmas Day


76. Miffung

Who Am I


77. Bada

Winter Ballas Single


78. 2LSON

The End feat. 조현아, 기리보이


79. YEOCH (여행스케치)

‘여행스케치 25주년 기념’ 싱글앨범 – 집밥

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