K-Releases: May 2017 Debuts/Collabos/Projects!

The first 3 groups are groups I missed in April’s Debut compilation, and the other groups made their debut in May. DEBUT 1. Double Eight (더블에이트) The boys have actually been around for 2 years, but they were under another entertainment agency. Anyway, the members officially debut under HY Company with single Booster. Members include Chansol,… Read More K-Releases: May 2017 Debuts/Collabos/Projects!

K-Releases: May 2016 Singles!

Oh boy I’m freaking super late this time around………  BTW, I’m going with the list format. 1. ZE:A’s Kim Dong Jun (제국의아이들) Healing   2. Jo Jang Hyuk (조장혁) 그대 떠나가도 (remake)   3. Lim Dong Hyek (임도혁) 사랑이란 말 (Saying With Love)   4. J-Block (제이블럭) 소나기처럼   5. CocoSori (코코소리) 절묘해 (Exquisite)  … Read More K-Releases: May 2016 Singles!

K-Releases: October Singles!!!!!

Part 5….. 121. Casker (캐스커) Ground part.1    122. Mamamoo’s Solar 바보처럼 살았군요 (Lived Like A Fool)   123. B-Free (비프리) 만나면   124. Junggigo (정기고) 247   125. Shim Hyun Bo (심현보) 이맘때쯤   126. Mellouspoon (멜로우스푼) Forgot    127. M22N  Into You   128. Kim Sae Han Gil (김새한길) Cherry   129. Kim… Read More K-Releases: October Singles!!!!!