K-Releases: November Debuts/Collabos/Projects

DEBUT 1. VAV (브이에이브이) VAV is the latest addition to AQ Entertainment. It consists of 6 members – Xiao (Chinese), St. Van (Leader), Baron, ACE, GyeoUI, and Jacob (Maknae). VAV debut with mini album Under the Moonlight (on the 31. Oct)   2. M.A.P.6 M.A.P.6 is signed under Dream T Entertainment. The word “debut” doesn’t… Read More K-Releases: November Debuts/Collabos/Projects

K-Releases: November Singles!!!!

Part 4 91. Risso (리소) 조금 더 (A Little Bit More)   92. Kwon Brothers (권브라더스) 다시 보낸다   93. Jo Kwan Woo (조관우) 불꽃 (No YT link available)   94. Fame-J (페임 제이) 보여 (Myself Again)   95. Daybreak (데이브레이크) 그대 맘에 불을 지펴 줄게요   96. 10X10 (텐텐) 좋아한다 말해 사랑한다 그래  … Read More K-Releases: November Singles!!!!