K-Releases: March Singles!!!

Part 3 —> 59. Raun (라언) The Moment   60. Beige (베이지) 달콤한 이야기   61. The Daisy (더 데이지) 사랑한단 말은 안해도   62. Sinaol (신얼) Word Up   63. Lel (를) 추억과도 이별하려해 (Original Audio)   64. The Gamble (더 겜블) 아른거리지마   65. RedChair (빨간의자) 봄냄새   66. Lee Hae Na (이해나) 안예쁜… Read More K-Releases: March Singles!!!

Recap: September K-Releases – Comebacks, Debuts & Collabos

I am two weeks late again *headdesk* I realised something while compiling August K-releases, apart from the comebacks and debuts there seems to be singles being released every week and not just one but multiple. Adding those singles to this particular list will result to the eternal loading of this post. With that in mind,… Read More Recap: September K-Releases – Comebacks, Debuts & Collabos